Vision BEFORE purchase.

As the chairman of the Technology Committee at my school, I have been charged with the task of assembling a team of educators who will be responsible for setting the direction in terms of technology.  One thing that I have to make clear to the committee is that making decisions about technology is not about spending money on tools and then deciding what you are going to do with them.  I know that probably more than half the SMART boards that are in classrooms are being used as screens…a total waste of money.  Many of these IWB are also being touched by only one person…the teacher.  In that case, a Sympodium would have been a way better solution.

Our job as a tech committee is to decide what direction we want to take technology in our building.  We are scheduled to have total WiFi throughout the school by the end of January 2012.  With that, comes a number of discussions which need to occur.  For example, school owned devices or student owned devices?  Do we purchase a class set of laptops?  Who’s going to maintain all this stuff?  I can see some heated discussion occuring at some of these meetings.  But I think that is what needs to happen…we have to have those difficult conversations and we have to solidify a short and long term technology plan BEFORE we purchase anything new. 

I love this post from Bill Ferriter where he brainstorms how he would spend $18000 on technology. 

There are so many different directions to take technology within a school.  We need to spend some time examining what is important and what role technology will play.  Otherwise, we are going to have a bunch of expensive toys gathering dust.


About Derek Hatch
Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

4 Responses to Vision BEFORE purchase.

  1. Proud of your focus, Hatch. There’s not a ton of people thinking vision before dropping dimes on technology. That’s why schools aren’t changing no matter how much money we throw at them.

    Here’s a bit I wrote on writing technology vision statements that may help guide your committee:

    Rock on,

    • Hi Bill,
      I am truly honoured that you commented on my post and thanks for sharing the link to your piece. Yes, it is frustrating to see schools spend gobs of money on tech that they have no idea about. I am looking forward to the work that needs to be done at my school.
      Thanks again, my friend.

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