Top 5 Reasons Why Local Educators Will Love Edcamp Edmonton

A big thank you to my colleague, Erin Ochoa, for sharing this with me so that I could post it.

1. It’s free – PD can cost quite a lot; edcamp never will. There are no registration fees, no sponsor driven trade shows, no non bio-degradable junk to take home. Just educators talking about education.

2. It’s personal – We can guarantee that you will find sessions that interest you because you make the schedule. Tell us what you want to learn, and tell us whatyou have to share. In one hour we’ll put together the most personalized PD day possible.

3. It’s local – Who understands Alberta education best? We think Alberta educators do. All sessions, topics and presenters will be local, current, and relevant to the Alberta classroom.

4. It’s about connecting – Our theme for this inaugural edcamp is “Making Connections”, and we mean it. Our small group sessions will connect us with one another, with new ideas and methods, and will ultimately help us all reconnect with why we love what we do.

5. It’s about conversation – You’ve heard these terms: 21st century learning, 1 to 1 environments, project based learning, social media, backchannel, collaboration, technology integration? Edcamp is about practicing these things, not performing or preaching them. There’s no lecture- it’s about dialogue: everyone talks, everyone listens, and everyone learns.

Hope to see you there!

The EdCamp Edmonton Team



EdCamp Edmonton- Making the Connection

Saturday, Nov. 5th

Lillian Osborne High School



Explanatory Prezi:


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