The Importance of Blogging

I haven’t posted anything on my blog for quite a long time…a few months to be exact…by 21st century standards, that’s an eternity! So many reasons not to post…too busy, too tired, can’t think of anything interesting to write, the list goes on. So, today…with a thousand things going through my mind and ten thousand things on my “to do” list, I am asking myself, “Why did I start this blog in the first place?”

My blog is my reflection log. It forces me to organize my thoughts and record them in a logical way. By doing this, I can almost feel things lining up in my mind. I look forward to the comments that I receive from all of you that read my posts. Quite often, the comments on my blog help me to stretch my thinking and, as a result, I learn and grow.

I originally sat down this morning to write a post about the iPad PD session that I led at our school yesterday but what came out was this reflection about the importance of blogging…so I will keep going with that.

Leading is all about Learning. I mentioned something during our PD session that I have been thinking quite a bit about. I told our staff, “I am by no means a technology expert, I am just one of the people who has recently learned a whole bunch of stuff.” As my friend, George Couros, always says…it is a leader’s responsibility to share that learning with others. This blog…and other tools…help me to share my learning and I am extremely grateful to those people, like George, who have shared their learning with me.

As I read the words above, I cannot help but think about the work of LInda Lambert and her analysis of building leadership capacity.  If a community of people is going to work toward a common goal, learning definitely needs to be at the heart of that. When we share that learning, it becomes more powerful and authentic.

There are millions of things that we need to learn and know as educators but no one person can be responsible to know EVERYTHING. Schools are multi-faceted and new information is coming at us all the time.  Sharing our learning and experience is essential.

Thanks for reading my thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.


About Derek Hatch
Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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