21st Century Fluencies using Haiku Deck

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Haiku Deck is an amazing presentation tool that is so easy to use. If you are tired of PowerPoint presentations, you will love Haiku Deck. This tool allows you pick a great, high definition image which is associated to the text that you use on the slide. You can also use your own images. When you add the text to a slide, the size is automatically adjusted so that everything fits. You can share your Haiku Deck creations easily and you can also embed them. The presentations look amazing on an iPad but they can also be accessed on the web.

This Haiku Deck was created after members of our school faculty attended the 21st Century Fluencies session hosted by Lee Crockett and Andrew Churches.  The presentation inspired me to create this Haiku Deck.

21C Learning


Looking at this Haiku Deck helps me reflect back to what I learned during that PD session. Got me thinking…rather than taking extensive notes that I will never look at, I created a great presentation which gives me a great visual representation of my learning. Even better than that…I can share it with others!


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Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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