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Early yesterday morning, I posted this piece about collaboration from my office at school. After I had finished, I walked down to the school fitness centre for my daily before classes workout (there is a group of staff who work out each morning).  One of my colleagues was riding the spin bike and he was reading my post on his phone.  As I entered the room, he made a snide comment – because that is what he is famous for – to get my attention.

We had a great conversation about collaboration and  group work while he pedalled and I stretched. Next, we talked about collaboration vs. cheating and this got a few more of our colleagues involved in this unexpected professional discussion. The PE teacher/Athletic Director even had some great points to make. This was a surprise because we usually talk about football while we do our workouts. The one thing that popped out of this discussion for me was that we all agreed that in order to get kids to collaborate…truly collaborate…we need to design learning activities and projects which will force them to do so.  Assessment of the activity is key….we need to find a way to assess the process rather than the final project.  This would mean that we would need to give our students time to collaborate and share. Also, we would need to show them how to do this.  This might be painful at first but, like anything, practice will make things easier.

Our conversation in the fitness centre made me thing about this recent post by Justin Tarte, How far is your social media influence? For me, something that I posted expecting to start an online discussion ignited an awesome off line discussion.

who would have thought?


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