How do we know if our kids are finding good digital content?


At our district-wide PD last week (#ecsdtransform), an interesting question came up while we were discussing Information Fluency. Students are doing research online and they have access to an incredible amount of information.

How do we know if our students are finding reliable information online?

We encourage our kids to do research online but how do we ensure that they are finding good information? We live in a world where there is so much information available to us. Textbook information is outdated in many subject areas. Some of the information online is good and reliable but most of it…not so much. I know we need to teach our kids to discern good information from unreliable information but how do we do that?

How do we ensure that we, as teachers, are finding reliable information online?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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6 Responses to How do we know if our kids are finding good digital content?

  1. Great question and something that the majority of the schools in the world do not focus on (i.e. teaching digital literacy). We have our media specialist work with students and staff in this area each day. Here is a great resource

    • Thanks Eric…I knew I could count on you to guide me in the right direction. You are right…that is a fantastic resource. I will be sure to share it with our teaching staff. Our district “Transform” initiative involves teaching our students 21C fluencies and skills…information fluency being one of those.
      Thanks again for the reply. I hope you are well! I see that your book is available on

  2. Carmen Gartner says:

    I agree with Eric. A digital media specialist needs to work with both teachers and students. As teachers we need to really work with students to help them differentiate good and not so good content/sources. I plan on having a EPL specialist come in for our flex day and hosts seminars on how to do this for our kids

    • Thanks for the comment, Carmen…and also for your tweets during the DWPD. I think your idea of calling in a specialist from EPL is a good one. You bring up a good point…this is a concept that need to be addressed with teachers and students.

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