Graduation Dance Routine

We have a bit of a tradition at our school. The graduating class, with the help of staff and a professional videographer, put together a number of dance routine to popular songs. These routines are videoed at different sites, mostly at school, and presented on the evening of the graduation banquet. No one sees the final product until that night…it is quite a treat!

Yesterday, a group of about 50 grade 12 students were filming a simple dance routine to a classic song, “Another Brick in the Wall”. The students were taught the dance in sections and they filmed each section of the song separately.

As I was watching these kids do the choreography, a powerful thought came in my mind. I thought, “Isn’t this activity a perfect example of inclusive education, differentiated learning and ‘meeting kids where they are’?” Some of these kids arrive with a vast knowlege of dancing and are truly skilled…not to mention coordinated. Other kids are like me…no dance experience and have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time. The thing with this activity is…it doesn’t matter! We don’t have to assess dancing ability. In the end…the video will be awesome! There is no pressure of marks and a looming provincial exam. Any mistakes that kids make will be edited out. Wouldn’t that be something if classroom activities could be like this?

I love activities like the grad video. Activities where kids of all abilities can contribute and feel like a valued member of the school community. It is activities like these theat kids will remember for years to come. With all of the pressure that is put on students by marks, assessments and government exams, we need to make sure that we do things that are just plain FUN!


About Derek Hatch
Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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