So you just had your PD…what now?

We just wrapped up our annual Teacher’s Convention…two days of learning, sharing, and attending great sessions by some pretty high caliber presenters. It is awesome to get together with teachers from both school districts in Edmonton, as well as teachers from Ft. McMurray. Every year, teachers are buzzing about the new things that they have seen and learned. For example, a few of my tech coach colleagues attended a session called Raspberry Pi, where they learned about a credit card sized computer which can be programmed to do all kinds of things. They were tweeting their creations during Thurday’s session and when I talked to them on Friday they were still buzzing about how cool it was. Thanks to Daniel Espejo for the great tweets!

Can’t wait to take a #RaspberryPi home! #getca


— Daniel Espejo (@danielespejo) February 27, 2014

Some other colleagues went to a session entitled, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lecture”, in which Rick Smith described many techniques which could be used to engage students in their learning. After this session, I received a text from one of the teachers on our staff, “It was awesome…would like to do a staff PD on this.”

Thanks! RT @thescamdog: Handout for 50 Ways to Leave Your Lecture. #getca2014

— Daniel Espejo (@danielespejo) February 27, 2014

I attended some great sessions and I had the opportunity to share some ideas with teachers and administrators from all over Edmonton. I had a conversation with another high school AP about some of the things that they were trying at his school. Some of these things, I would definitely like to explore. Many of us were following the #getca14 hashtag and learning things from sessions that we did not have the opportunity to attend…so much good stuff!

This is the best convention I’ve had in 10 years! Thanks to all the presenters and organizers! #getca2014

— Daniel Espejo (@danielespejo) February 27, 2014

OK…so we had a great convention and we learned a ton of stuff. Just like every PD session that we go to…now what?

Let’s make sure that we go back to our schools and put some of these ideas into practice. Let’s try some stuff. Let’s share some of this great stuff with our students, and our colleagues! Let’s not just pack away the notes that we took and the ideas that were shared with us and forget about them. How many times have you found the bag of notes and convention trinkets months later totally untouched? Let’s take these ideas back into our schools and grow them in our classrooms! Even if we just take one idea away and try it with our kids…that would be great. Let’s take some risks…let’s make some mistakes…let’s make learning interesting for our students! Let’s keep the positive energy from convention alive in our schools!


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