Let the #edhashtagology Games Begin!

In his most recent blog post, Bill Ferriter (who is one of my online mentors) has started a game called Hashtag Bracketology. As a huge basketball fan, I cannot resist the #MarchMadness style competition. Bill is right…hastags have changed the learning that is available on Twitter and they have enabled us to “zero in” on certain topics and discuss them as a PLN.

Here is my bracket! To create this, I looked over my tweets from the last few months and I randomly (no seeds) entered the hashtags I used into Bill’s template. I don’t know how I will decide the winner of each “game”. If you click the bracket, it will get larger so that you can actually read it.


I invite you to accept Bill’s challenge and come up with your own bracket.


About Derek Hatch
Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

3 Responses to Let the #edhashtagology Games Begin!

  1. Hey Pal,

    First, thanks for playing!

    Second, thanks for proving how awesome this game can really be! I didn’t even know that #rethinkhs was a hashtag. Thanks to your willingness to share the hashtags that move you, I’ve found another tag that is worth exploring.

    BTW: Now that State is out, I’ll pull for Louisville.



    • Hey Bill,
      Thanks for the comment. It was great filling out my bracket just to see what hashtags I had been involved in over the past few months. They differ from yours quite a bit. I noticed that mine are mostly specific to my school district (#ECSD) and my province. The hashtag #rethinkhs is the one that is used for the Alberta Education initiative to change the way high schools operate. I blogged about it in this post:
      BTW: I don’t know if I want you to cheer for the Cardinals…you haven’t had such a great track record recently…LOL.

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