#ecsdtransform defeats #edcampYEG to win Hatcherelli #edhashtagology bracket!!

This post will make no sense unless you read my first #edhashtagology post from last week. Thanks to Bill Ferriter and his creative idea, I had the opportunity to reflect on the hashtags that I use in my own learning and sharing.

Here is how the final bracket looks (I thought I would post this before Spring Break):

Final #edhashtagology bracket

Final #edhashtagology bracket

I have to agree with Bill when he states that some of the most popular hashtags are being overused and the stream is becoming a little overwhelming. For me, hashtags are used as a filter to find information that is relevant to my own learning. Isn’t that selfish of me?

Here are some general comments that helped me to decide my winners in the bracket:

  • As a math teacher, I have always found #mathchat interesting. When I find something that is math related, I post to #mathchat. It was a clear favourite going into the tournament. Its toughest game was against #techcoach.
  • #anthemsmackdown was a ton of fun but since the Olympics it hasn’t had much use.
  • #ableg was interesting in the past few weeks leading up to the resignation of our Premier.
  • #rethinkhs is a favourite of mine. In our province, we have government project looking at High School Redesign. As a high school administrator, there is always some good stuff here. Definitely, this year’s Cinderella.
  • #techcoach contains information relevant to all kinds of technology and its use in schools. As a technology coach for our school district, I share and read lots of resources and cool ideas here. A clear #1 seed.
  • #ecsd is the hashtag for our school district, Edmonton Catholic School District. This tag allows me to share and get information which is relevant to the school district. The only down side is that, with 90 some schools, the information is sometimes overwhelming and contains information which is not at the high school level. In #ecsd, there are way more elementary teachers using Twitter.
  • I am very proud to be a member of Connected Principals created by a fellow Albertan, George Couros. I find that I will use #cpchat to post but I rarely use it to search. George is one of the first people that I connected with on Twitter and I have learned so much from him…in person and online. #cpchat was a definite favourite going into the tournament. It has been great to watch the hashtag grow, which shows the impact that George, and other school leaders, have had on the learning of others.
  • As one of the founders and organizers of #edcampYEG, this tag has always been near and dear to me. I have met most of the people who use this hashtag, so it serves to “keep the conversation going” between our annual local edcamps.
  • For the past two years in our school district, we have been working on a district project called Transform! This project involves sharing ideas that will better prepare our students for the world in which they are going to live. The hashtag #ecsdtransform always contains innovative ideas which are linked to this project. This hashtag was my winner because it was the one that I have used most in the past year or so.

So there you have it. The end of #edhashtagology for this year. Please roll, “One Shining Moment“!




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