The Power of a PLN

This morning, I attended our Tech Coach PD and something really cool happened. As tech coaches, we use Twitter to have a back channel discussion and share resources/ideas. As I was multitasking (listening and sharing), these are the tweets that I saw…I didn’t see them all at once as they appear here, but now that the conversation is complete…they all show up together.

Power of PLN


When I saw George’s first tweet, I wanted to help him out because he has helped me out a TON! I quoted the tweet and sent it on to some people who I knew used Haiku Deck more than I do. I love Haiku Deck and I use it but certainly not enough to call myself a guru.

Over the next few minutes, I saw the magic happen…as you can see by the subsequent tweets.

So why did I think this was cool?

Someone asks a question. A number of people jump in to help. Problem is solved. WE ALL LEARN!

I made sure to “favorite” the tweet so I could go back and find the ratio calculator…just in case I ever need it. When I get a moment, I will forward it to evernote and tag it so that I can easily retrieve it.




P.S. That was the end of my original post. After I wrote this post, I was so pleased that I sent a tweet to George, Jeremy, Shawn and Haiku Deck to let them know that I had mentioned them in my post. After that, I check my feed reader to discover that George, that rascal, had beat me to the punch…definitely not the first time, or the last. It was certainly cool to read his perspective of the event. I was also impressed that I was able to create an “a-ha” moment for him. Learning can happen any where, any time.


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