Finally, I have done it!


OK…I have finally done it after all these years. I have changed the name of this blog site. For many years, I called it, “Hatcherelli Blog.” I know…very creative. My twitter handle and the word blog. Yup…I had the writers up all night on that one. Then, I changed the name of the site to “Hatcherelli Blog: I really need to find a better name.” Again, not very imaginative but I thought it was humorous to admit within the title of the blog that I could not think of a name.

There are lots of great names of blogs out there. Some of my favourite names and favourite blogs for that matter are Bill Ferriter’s The Tempered Radical, George Couros’ Principal of Change and, of course, Dean Shareski’s Ideas and Thoughts. When Dean posts, I see his tweet that says, “I have something to Share-ski.” Pure Brilliance.

I have loved reading these blogs for many years and I admire these three gentlemen for regularly posting thoughtful and creative content.

I have always felt pressure to come up with a unique name for my blog. Everything that I have come up with, I have quickly ruled out and I stuck with the mundane, “Hatcherelli Blog.”

Finally , this weekend, it hit me…

What is this blog site? What is the purpose? Why does it exist?

It is a site where I write about things that I have been thinking about. Things that I have been mulling around in my head. Things that I have been pondering. That’s it…Mulling and Pondering.

Why do I share this story? I’m thinking that there are many times as educators and school leaders that we get stuck and we keep things the way they are even though we know there is probably a better solution. Sometimes we do things because it is the easiest thing to do and because TTWWADI (That’s the way we’ve always done it). We feel pressure that our decision will not be good enough.

I think if we find ourselves spinning our wheels, we need to get back to the questions above:

What is the purpose? Why does it exist? What is our mission and vision?

These questions will help us to keep perspective, keep us grounded and hopefully make the decision that is best.

Your thoughts?


Author: Derek Hatch

Principal in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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